Online Certificate of Origin applications can be submitted to the following MoC branches: Ministry of Commerce in Yangon (Strand Road), Department of Trade in Yangon (Yankin Township), and Department of Trade in Thilawa SEZ.

The rules of origin of the respective multilateral Free Trade Agreement or unilateral Preference Scheme define if a product exported from Myanmar qualifies as “originating” and thus could benefit from tariff preferences upon import in the country of destination.

The originating status of a product of Myanmar needs to be certified through a preferential Certificate of Origin.

For exports to the EU, Norway and Switzerland under GSP, registered exporters can issue "statements on origin" themselves. You can create your pre-application for becoming a registered exporter here.

A Certificate of Origin (CO) proves that the product originates in the country of export. There are two types of COs, namely preferential and non-preferential COs.

A non-preferential CO, also known as an ordinary CO, is a trade document that helps to identify the origin of the good.

A preferential CO allows your buyer (importer) to pay lower or no customs duties when you export your goods under a multilateral Free Trade Agreement or unilateral Preference Scheme. To check whether your respective goods are covered by a Free Trade Agreement or  Preference Scheme and to find out about the applicable tariffs, you can click here.  

The Ministry of Commerce is the authority for issuing preferential Certificates of Origin and  Product Registration Certificates in Myanmar.

The Ministry of Commerce has authorized the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) as well as other related enterprises and organizations to issue non-preferential Certificates of Origin.

Therefore, non-preferential COs are issued by the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) or other related enterprises and organizations.

The “Certified Exporter” scheme is a pilot project under the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA). Economic operators that have been certified by the Ministry of Commerce can self-certify the origin of their goods instead of applying for Certificate of Origin Form D. This self-certification scheme is intended to further facilitate intra-ASEAN trade.

Traders can apply for a Certified Exporter Code through this website and use the Code to scan and upload their invoice declarations electronically. This way, a personal visit to MoC to submit the hard copy documents is no longer required.

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